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THE BESPOKE EXPERIENCE with me is very different from a 'ready to wear' shop. From my design studio, with its relaxed environment, we will take the first steps of your journey to a totally individual dress.

During your first consultation, we will discuss potential ideas, with the help of your own inspirations or reference images. Also, at this time, silhouettes, fabric types, colours, embellishments and their costs will all be discussed.


I SOURCE the highest quality fabrics from within the UK, whether they are 100% natural fibres or luxurious synthetics. During your consultation you will be able to touch, see and feel these fabrics to give you a better understanding of how they will work within your design.

"Touch, see

and feel..."

I WILL SKETCH some initial ideas to help you visualise your dress based upon what we have discussed and the fabrics you have chosen. You will be sent this via email along with a final cost breakdown. Your measurements will be taken so that pattern drafting can begin.

A deposit of 50% is required in order for work to commence.

You may require between 1-3 fabric fittings during which we will look at embellishments and final details. All gowns are couture and beautifully constructed by myself in my Ringwood based studio.


Bespoke design means that each dress is designed and made especially for you and is never replicated. This means your dress is truly your own and is the part which makes this experience so magical.


DEPENDING on the complexity of your design you may require a toile fitting. This is where a mock up of your dress is created using scrap fabric/calico, this is the moment when we can visualise and refine the chosen design on the body and perfect the fit before cutting fine fabrics.


Unlike a ready to wear dress, I appreciate that not everyone is the same height, shape and size. We are all uniquely individual.

'You are not made to fit the dress...


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