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The Perfect Style

Having a bespoke wedding dress means your gown will be made to measure to your own personal design. Whether your style is traditional, modern or fairytale, the following design elements will always require consideration and attention when choosing your perfect gown.


This is the top edge of a garment that surrounds the neck. The neckline of a dress holds enormous style significance, it provides great visual impact and the perfect frame for the face.

Things to consider:

- An on-the-shoulder design is always engineered with armholes, which allows for the necessary coverage of bra straps.

- Off-the-shoulder designs, whilst focusing attention on the shoulders this design can be highly restrictive.

- Strapless necklines are defined by the structure and fit of the garment. A strapless bodice must be tailored precisely to your body and will require inner structure.

*Any excessive drape will add unnecessary volume to a fuller bust but will alternatively enhance a smaller bust.


The shaping and position of the waist of a garment.

- An empire waistline is a seam tucked just underneath the bust, it along with a high waist creates the illusion of longer legs.

- A natural waistline is placed directly at the actual waist - which is much higher than most people think. It works best on A-line or full skirts. - A basque or s-shape waistline compromises of a seam that dips centre front and curves gently up over the hips. This shape creates the illusion of a long torso and a narrow waist.


The drape and design of a skirt provides volume, surface interest and movement, it’s silhouette always impacts the style of a wedding gown.

- An A-line skirt is always the most elongating, it can be either dressy or informal and helps to minimise a heavier figure.

- A mermaid skirt is ultra feminine and excentuates the curves of the body.

- A full gathered or circular skirt always makes a grand impression and a wedding is certainly one of the rare occasions on which one can get away with such extravagance. It creates the illusion of a tiny waist and offsets an ample bosom.


The perfect sleeve can enhance a gown and also cover up arms/shoulders.

The length of the sleeve is very important, it was once believed that the shorter the sleeve, the more youthful the look but we are currently seeing wrist, three quarter and elbow length sleeves becoming more and more popular amongst all age groups.

A sheer sleeve in lace, chiffon or illusion fabric looks delicate and feminine and can also help with confidence if you are feeling particularly self conscious of your arms.

Those wishing to wear a bra should always consider a design with an armhole or wide strap.

* It is also important to point out that sleeves cannot be added to a strapless gown easily/cheaply or without it looking like they were an added extra or afterthought.

It is good to remember that when you buy a dress off the peg form a bridal store you are buying a standard cut and finish. Things such as bust line, waist line and hem will not be to your own body proportions and therefor will not always be in the correct place for you.

When you have a bespoke dress made all these design elements are discussed and taken into consideration. The beauty being that you get to choose your neckline, your waistline, your skirt style and length and any other requirements that are Unique to you.

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