Mother of the bride wedding dress purple floral bright pattern


               THE BRIDE

Mother and daughter wedding photo beach


LOOK AS GOOD AS YOU FEEL  by allowing us to create a unique and bespoke outfit - the perfect complement to the pride you’ll experience on your daughter or son’s wedding day.

Our sophisticatedly designed dresses will allow you to pull off the hardest trick - glamorously stand out yet never steal the show.

From hundreds of colours and countless textiles we’ll be able to craft an outfit that is far beyond the design limits of the high street - allowing you to celebrate in unique fashion no matter what the occasion.

SAY GOODBYE TO SIZES  with our made to measure outfits. Each individual element and aspect of the dress is sculpted to fit your unique body shape. Our wide range of timeless designs will also ensure an appropriate fit and style.

NEVER COMPROMISE with delicate design tricks.


For example, one of our specialities is making dresses with elegant sleeve details. Lace can be a gorgeous way of creating cover-ups that both look like they belong and enhance your outfit but also add security and comfort when you don’t want to feel bare.


AS A PROFESSIONAL  I pride myself on producing for you the ideal outfit that you can feel comfortable in. This is perhaps the most important aspect of my work, fulfilling client’s needs and overcoming individual concerns. We always work kindly to discuss shapes, styles, colours and details that will flatter you. And what can be more reassuring than knowing your whole outfit encompasses the same characteristics a mother of the bride herself bears - individuality, elegance, sophistication and wow factor!



YOUR BESPOKE OUTFIT can be complimented with a matching millinery piece. Handcrafted for you in traditional form or contemporary style, we will take the design and colour tones and produce a stunning hat.