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COMING FROM A FAMILY with a history of seamstresses and tailors it was no surprise that as a child Emma was fascinated by sticking bits of scrap fabrics on dolls to make them new outfits.

Her main interests throughout life have always been creative - art, fashion, design, crafts, theatre, make up, modelmaking and jewellery design.

She studied at Bournemouth Arts University where she first discovered her passion for bespoke bridalwear after landing a work experience placement with The Bridal Design Studio.

Desperate to learn all she could about this industry her next step was to train under Maureen Rose for the next three years.


Emma Katie

MAUREEN has spent 30 years as dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth achieving a royal warrant - the very pinnacle of recognition.


During the time with Maureen, Emma was taught every detail of couture sewing techniques. Before being allowed to use the sewing machine Emma had to learn how to handstitch everything. She does not believe she could have had a better teacher or experience. 

Emma Katie and Maureen Rose together dress designers Queen Elizabeth
Emma Katie and little girl desinger wedding dress christmas tree

EMMA has over 15 years experience working within the bridal industry making bespoke gowns and accessories for her clients. 

She has worked closely with bridal boutiques, supplying them with bespoke hair accessories and an exclusive bridesmaid dress design which was featured in 'You and Your Wedding' magazine.

She studied 'Millinery - The Art of Hat Making' at Bournemouth University and is now a member of the Business and Millinery Academy.

Emma takes the upmost pride in her work and is passionate about creating garments clients feel comfortable in yet stand out from the crowd.


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